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Imagine Courf getting hurt like falling out of a tree or something like that and someone calls an ambulance because he broke his leg and the way he tells Combeferre is texting ‘Hey, is it cool if I come visit you at work?’ as the ambulance pulls up.

Anyone else unreasonably excited for all this?


Apologies to Artemisia Gentileschi.

"I remember now, the reason I wanted to save you so much…" 


2 hours color study with Sailor Moon. (Photoshop CS6)

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“… it only takes two facing mirrors to construct a labyrinth.”


Jorge Luis Borges, “Nightmares”, Seven Nights

This is the most important line I have read in literature of any kind. 

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Haikyuu!! challenge Day 5  - Your favourite team.

Them Karasubabes >:D

I should’ve submitted this yesterday but I was studying for an exam -_-

After the exam I took a nap instead of drawing this…


tournaments are tiring